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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in end-to-end accounting services for small to medium-sized businesses, providing both onsite and offsite services of our specialized accountants and bookkeepers to ensure that your finances are managed from start to finish.

By providing accurate financial information your business can move forward and allow you to make fast decisions based on up-to-date financial data. Furthermore, having us at the forefront of your financials allows us to raise any pressing issues with you as they arise.

Onsite Accounting

Our team of qualified professionals are hand picked to suit your business’ requirements, and love to grow your business whilst freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

They will maintain your accounts onsite and will work from your premises on a scheduled timetable as agreed by you.

Offsite Accounting

Our team of qualified accountants and bookkeepers can also work remotely whilst maintaining constant communications when required. Flexibility is key and we can either work off physical records as received by you, or digital records, such as scans, reports and ERP data to update accounts at our back office.

Human Resource Services

Do you want to reduce costs and increase productivity in your business? According to recent studies, Human Resource Services is the second most likely business function to be outsourced. Not only does it free your time because you spend less time on HR functions, but it also reduces costs for hiring and training, and ensures you avoid penalties from non-compliance.

HR Administration Outsourcing

The Numbers Co. provides remote support to your business’ HR division for all administration activities. Based on your business’ needs we ensure:
  • Handling and on-boarding of all employees
  • Managing employee benefits
  • Development of staff training programs
  • Compliance with employment rules and regulations.

Payroll Management

Let us manage payroll for you and take the stress away from your statutory compliance reporting obligations. The Numbers Co will streamline and manage your payroll processes and set your business up with innovative payroll tools and payroll management systems, to ensure on-time payment.

Financial Planning & Reporting

Are you looking to grow, streamline costs or transform your business? Are you looking to meet your planned revenue targets this year and need guidance on whether you are on the right track? Do you want to ensure that you have accurately budgeted for new projects?

Strategic initiative for growth is a numbers game. The Numbers Co. will to work with you to accurately budget, forecast, and analyse your organisation’s financial health to ensure it supports overall business strategy.


We offer one time or continuous budgeting and forecasting services for your business depending on your needs. We will not only establish cost and revenue drivers for your business and formulate estimated budgets for existing projects, but work with you to analyze budgeted goals to ensure they are being met and are not affected by changing market conditions.

Business Buyout Valuation

We will assist in evaluating future profits & cash flows for any new ventures your organization may have an interest in.

Additionally, if you are looking to sell, we will assist with business valuation, and be involved in the selling process of attracting investors, contractual reviews etc.

Project Budgeting

We will ensure project viability by establishing cost and revenue drivers, formulating budget estimation for any new projects.

Value Added Tax

Are you doing business on a global scale? Chances are you are required to register for VAT purposes in one or more countries. The Numbers Co. provides a specialized service to ensure you comply and meet your VAT obligations. We remove the complexity around VAT compliance so you can focus on the things that really matter in your business.

VAT Registration

We will provide end-to-end support in getting registered with FTA authority. We will prepare and file all the required documents on your behalf and ensure that your VAT registration process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Furthermore we will ensure that you comply with all legal invoicing requirements, and if required can assist in the implementation of new processes in your backend systems to ensure compliance.

VAT Submission

The rules and regulations that govern the treatment of VAT can be very complex. For example VAT can be charged at different rates, Input VAT cannot always be claimed and there are specialist VAT regulations available to some businesses.

The Numbers Co. will prepare and submit VAT Returns per quarter on your behalf.

VAT Study

We will conduct detailed VAT Study & VAT Implication on all transactions to ensure that transactions that fall within the scope of the tax are taxable, and exempt transactions are accurately identified.

VAT Schedules

We will prepare VAT schedules for VAT assessment, including for all historical & future Records.

Other Services

The Numbers Co. devises tailor made solutions that enable your business’ growth. We care about your business and we find solutions to grow your business as we implement new systems and processes that will add value to your business. In this modern day in age we understand the importance of technology, IT systems and processes that automate certain day-to-day operations and remove the complexities and human error associated with manual operations.

No task is too bit or small for us. Please see below for a list of services that fall under the “New Age Accounting” banner. If you don’t see what you are after below we encourage you to reach out to us and have a chat to one of our friendly staff. Our diversity allows everything to be possible & unique problems are what help us thrive.

Payment Management

The Numbers Co. will design & implement payment management systems and processes to accurately manage your business’ debtors and creditors and provide reports. This removes the need for manual management by staff, which may be prone to human error.

Data Collection

The Numbers Co. assists in identifying the feasibility of a new project or measuring the success of one that is already in the market. We can setup systems and processes that gather and measure information & use market intelligence and surveys to run detailed reports for further analysis.

Due Diligence of the Existing Process

We will conduct a detailed review of all systems, process and workflows in your business to identify inefficiencies that may be a deterrent to your business’ operations. These inefficiencies may be resulting in poor quality output or high costs, which we will work to rectify.

Process Engineering & Re-Engineering

Based on the results of our due diligence, we will work with you to recreate your core business processes, workflows and policies, & introduce new systems that will work together to eliminate the inefficiencies identified.

Internal & External Audits

The Numbers Co has strong relationships with business partners who are authorised to undertake both internal and external IT audits of the current systems and processes you have in place. If you are housing your data at an external location an audit will ensure the safety of your data.

Special Projects

No task is too bit or small for us. If you don’t see what you are after we encourage you to reach out to us and have a chat to one of our friendly staff. Our diversity allows everything to be possible & unique problems are what help us thrive.

Digitizing & Indexing

Are you looking to digitize your business operations and reduce your company’s carbon blueprint? Did you know that digitizing your records not only helps the environment but can also have positive results for you and your business? Ease of accessibility of data means that staff are more efficient and do not have to spend hours sifting through physical documents. Furthermore, digitized and indexed records mean that information can be searched for and found by a mere click of a button.
Contact us if you want to go digital. We will provide digitizing & indexing solutions that cater for all your archived physical data, capturing information from paper documents and converting it into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval and use.

Data & Process Management

Businesses are very data driven. Data loss can lead to business failure, as it is the crucial element in business operations.  We evaluate your current systems, & setup IT systems and processes that validate, store, protect and accurately process data (data cleanup & translation) to ensure data accessibility and reliability. We also ensure that the data cannot be compromised by internal and external attacks.